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"The Creation" (1512) by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

Adam is lying softly on the rock, he has a languid look and puts his arm above his knee as if it were too heavy to support the weight. The hand is devoid of strength: his fingers are pointing downwards, while God’s hand is firmly pointing towards his, as if He is putting all of his energies in reaching the man, who now has the faculty and the deliberate decision of lifting his finger and touch Him. 
This simple but effective gesture represents the essence of Christianity and the path that men choose to follow to be closer to the Truth, which can never be fully reached, but that we still cannot withdraw ourselves from pursuing.
The aspiration towards the Divine, and so the Infinity, is a key concept that later on, in the 19th century, will be analysed and elaborated in the Romantic period.

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The Hands in the Universe

To remark the endless space that surrounds and lies in the middle of the two fingers (even if apparently small), I chose to depict the detail examined in this project in relation to the infinity of the Universe.
Painted in a minimalistic way, the circles embody the planets and the background the stars and cosmic masses.

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